Beverly Glen Land Company, then located at 143 S. Broadway, Los Angeles sells two lots in two transactions to Jacob Muth. The then advertised price for a lot in Beverly Glen is $19.60.  Beverly Glen Realty is built on its current site.



Muth sells to Albert Braunzweig and Maria Teresa Braunzweig.



The Braunzweigs sell to Dennis and Lillian Quinlan.



The Quinlans sell To Jim and Mabel Smith.  The Smiths are Realtors and also build the Market (now known as Glen Market at 1603 N Beverly Glen Blvd) and a small House above the Market. They operate Beverly Glen Realty until 1945 at which time the property is sold to Ralph and Fern Nichols.  

The Nichols owned a house above Stone Canyon Reservoir that was subsequently sold to George Harrison. By far, the greatest contribution to the community of Beverly Glen by the Nichols and Beverly Glen Realty was to help facilitate a project to install Storm Drains for Flood control. This was as a result of a particularly bad flood in 1952. The Residents of Beverly Glen Association was started to lobby for the storm drain and try to mitigate damage from the project.



The Nichols leased Beverly Glen Realty to Jack and Velma Twomey who had been previous clients.



A.J. (“Eddie”) Charland and his wife June leased Beverly Glen Realty.  Eddie, a previous railroad employee, had also been conducting a Real Estate business in Culver City, across from the Helms Bakery. Eddie's contribution to Beverly Glen came from his ability, thru his son Peter Charland, to make commercial financing available for home purchases in the area. Banks had been reluctant to provide financing as such areas were prone to fires and floods.



Eddie purchased Beverly Glen Realty and died one year later in 1970. His widow June leased Beverly Glen Realty to K.C. Edwards who operated the business with his wife.



Beverly Glen Realty was leased to Lil Melograno. Sandy Graham worked out of the office as well.



Beverly Glen Realty was leased and subsequently purchased by Richard Renaldo who remains here today as a Broker.  Richard comments that, “Seeing the office is like passing a Model T on the highway... it still runs, and it reminds us of days now long gone...”



Richard Renaldo sold Beverly Glen Realty to Steven Foonberg.  Steven previously had his Real Estate Office in Beverly Hills, since 1996, where he focused primarily on Multi Family Syndications as well as Residential Real Estate.  Truth be told, Steven had been bugging Richard about buying the office since August of 1998 when Richard sold Steven his first house in Beverly Glen Canyon.  With over $200 million in closed transactions, Steven is enthusiastic about receiving the torch from Richard to light the way and keep Beverly Glen Realty operating as the oldest, independent Real Estate Office in Los Angeles. The name Westside Realty was added to reflect what had already been happening for decades - the office was representing buyers and sellers all over the Westside.